Factory Visit Testimonial

Factory Visit Testimonial

Check this article about our team members' factory visit testimonial

Along with the SS24 selection, we have created the opportunity for our countries to discover what goes behind making the products and ensuring the quality. The visit covered OTIS, which is the graphite rackets supplier and SEMS, which is the supplier for the shoes. Having the conception team, production team and custom zones together along with the suppliers on the product floor was a unique collaboration opportunity and a best moment for our country teams to discover the work behind the scenes

Vincent - France

The factory visits are always a special experience when working for a brand. Throughout the year, we develop products, build strategies, communicate with our customers... However, we have no idea how our products are actually created. Who makes them? How? It's all a big mystery.

I consider myself lucky to have had the opportunity to see behind the scenes. What a surprise! It's hard to imagine the number of people and steps involved in the making of a racket or a shoe. From a technical standpoint, it was very impressive! These two factory visits have been highly enlightening for me. I now have a different perspective on product design. Thanks to the Badminton team for providing this experience, and thanks to Layla, Camille, and Reagan for explaining the technical details in a way that made complex subjects easy to understand :)

Chitransh - India

After doing Basecamp selections for last 9 years, I finally found an amazing X factor for what PERFLY team did.
Considering the NPS score and notoriety level of Badminton in Indian CZ, I really feel this was one of the best organization.

It was really like a bird's view of the whole supply chain/value chain for the Badminton products.
I was really happy to see the shoes being made from a rubber mat and to Rackets being made from Graphite sheets.
I also was surprised by the quality standards that we follow, which makes every single piece exactly duplicate of a masterpiece :)

I am really proud of the PERFLY offer and now even more confident to talk and explain it to sports leaders and customers.
Kudos to organisers and team PERFLY.
See U on the court.

Pawel - Singapore

Factory tour was great experience, it was organized really professionally and after 10 years working for company I was able to see how detailed is production process for our products. 

It gave me a lot of confidence that quality and testing process is on high level and this message we will share in our zone based on our empirical visit on production lines. From supply chain perspective it helps also to understand how process is complex and in the end it will help to make best decision about offer in coming years. Big thanks for all people involved in organizing this trip, it's definitely something exceptional and we can describe it like "the cherry on the cake" after years of working with badminton offer.