Notre raison d'être


Perfly, the badminton brand by Decathlon, was created in 2018.
Since then, every day, our team works closely with our users to develop products that meet their needs.



In PERFLY, we love badminton. We love the sound of a good shuttlecock hitting a perfectly strung racket.
We love the fast-paced rallies full of variety. We love the togetherness on the court.  We love competition and physical effort. We are players who want to make this beautiful and fun sport of ours accessible to as many people as possible. That is our job; we are lucky.

We believe that all Badminton Lovers worldwide should be able to enjoy high quality, technical badminton products at reasonable prices; whatever their level and motivation might be.

Our creative  PERFLY Team Players will do things a little differently. They are curious, bold and passionate.
They listen, observe and investigate and will constantly look for new, innovative ways to make you remarkably comfortable,  performant and beautiful badminton products.

So be ready for increased emotions, innovation and a healthy dose of colour.
Come enjoy a FLYWELL Badminton experience.

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Our Inspiration

PERFLY LOGO Design intention
Why we exist ?


PERFLY is the DECATHLON badminton brand created by badminton players for badminton players. The name is derived from the combination and contraction of the words PERFORMANCE and FLYING and is intended to be light and inspiring, just like a badminton player should be on the court. The logo depicts a hummingbird, the fastest bird on Earth, just as badminton is the fastest sport in the world. The lines of the hummingbird are very simple and sharp, which gives an impression of speed.

"The assembly and contraction of

Notre raison d'être


To make badminton accessible to everyone.

PERFLY, the DECATHLON badminton brand, is crafted by badminton enthusiasts for badminton enthusiasts. Its name, a fusion of PERFORMANCE and FLYING, embodies the agility and inspiration of players on the court.

Why we exist ?

Hans Peter JENSEN - Badminton Leader

"We're dedicated to ensuring that every Badminton Lover worldwide can access high-quality, technical badminton products at reasonable prices, regardless of their level or motivation."

Our Value


Through a blend of expertise, innovation, and technical prowess, PERFLY emerges as a modern, dynamic, creative, and liberating brand. Fueled by unwavering values and convictions, every Decathlete dedicates themselves daily to the passion, development, and promotion of sport.