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The birth of BR & BS PERFORM 990 PRO

BR & BS Perform 990 PRO

This summer, we welcome a new addition to the PERFLY product range; our racket and shoes PERFORM series for top level advanced and professional players- BR PERFORM 990 PRO and BS PERFORM 990.

New PRO product release

PERFLY Product manager, and former world champion,  CHENG GE on the creation of the Pro series.

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Until now, Perfly top range rackets have not been fully recongnized by our players and customers around the the world. 

As Product Manager and with the entire conception team, we were determined to close the gap to the market leaders, both when it comes to know-how and performance. Our brand wishes to make the best racket & shoes which can be played at the highest the level of tournament by our technical partners and subsquently gain credibility and confidence in order to conquer advaced players in the market.

PERFLY racket designer - Vicky ZHANG told us how she drew her dream BR PERFORM PRO 990.

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My dream PERFORM racket would give me a feeling of power, high-speed and tech, such us hight speed bullet-train. So you can find many dynamic streamlines for such style.

As for the color & graphic, they are inspired by Cyber Punk. I used Neo pink and turquoise from Neolights and Chameleon painting to highlight its sense of technicity.

PERFLY product engineer - a real badminton enthusiast - DAN SHEN told us how he made BR PERFORM 990 PRO happen.

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Following an extensive, technical benchmarking and updating our conception rules, we conceived all new concepts and carbon layups adapted to the highest constraints in badminton. 

To make it perfect for the pro players, engineers and production teams developped 6 versions of structures and 3 rounds of sampling. It took us 18 intense months from the idea to the final validated model.

Shoe designer - Former badminton professional player - Matthieu LYP told us how would he image the product

New PRO product release


The new BS990 pro design is inspired by the metaverse univers. Each part of the shoe got a fonction to provide the best for the best of the players. The KPU 3D net structure will give the best support while providing breathability.  The aero heel counter will bring stability and the DHN will give the best cushioning. 

Shoe engineer - shoe expert  - Reagan WANG told us, how this shoe helped our technical partners perform better.

New PRO product release


To make the new BS PERFORM 990 pro beyond with excellent performance,  we involved our technical partners, Julien Maio, Ygor, Jonathan and other 6 China local ex-Pro-players in our worldwide playtest for 4 rounds of sample making.

Jonathan won 2nd round in US open this July with the new BS PERFORM 990 PRO.

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Our 990 badminton shoes are designed for expert players looking for comfort, repulsion, grip and support.